Flight simulator attraction

  • Anyone can also simulate experience a dream to fly freely in the sky.
  • Enjoy personal experience as close as possible to the actual practice because of very advanced aerodynamics simulation technology in recent years.
  • Long-term play in one software. (Profound)
  • Situational awareness, decision will be fed

This concept ACADEMY

Airplane you love. Some interest in flight simulator, but those who do not know what to do.
You are frustrated and started looking in earnest flight simulator.
If you teach the basics of flying an airplane thoroughly enjoyable for beginners.
What we aim it is to become top notch "Computer Pilot". Let's aim to "Aces pilot" to find the plane you want to ride.
I hope that you graduated from this course to challenge you the pros and cons of beginners.

News & Updates

☆2014.2.1 I've updated the site information.

☆19-june-11 International School, "Flight Simulator for beginners " for the opening. Thank you.

Education content

School Preparation:Your goal of the pilot areas Please choose a training flight and the like Please choose.
Flight Lectures:The basic principles of aircraft for at least learn the basics of flying.
Fight training:Flight simulator and finally maneuver, taxiing, takeoff and landing, the train traffic.
Graduation test:So far is the culmination of training will be flying the virtual skies could freely reach so far.
Optional courses:Applications and established a pilot training instrument flight training for the ready.