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ABO FAN presents information of blood-type personality and its many applications.  I hope you will enjoy my website!
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Introduction to Blood Type and Personality (Modified on April 29, 2018)

It was Mr. Masahiko NOMI, a journalist hometown, that made the present Japanese blood-type boom. His first blood-type book, "Ketsueki-gata de wakaru aisho" (Understand compatibility through blood type) became one of the best sellers in 1971. He wrote more than ten books which became best sellers or long sellers. After he passed away in 1981, his son, Mr. Toshitaka NOMI took over (he passed away in 2006). Now the Human Science ABO Center had succeeded their research.
Statistical relationship between blood type and personality are testified by many Japanese studies as well as Korean studies.
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Fact 1:
Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's books, "Eat / Live Right 4 Your Type" which details the link between ABO blood type and individualized diets, became one of the best sellers in the US.  He opened his website: Japanese editions are available now.  These books was introduced by several major private TV stations in Japan.

Masayki Kanazawa
Blood Type and Personality 3.0
- Reality Proved by over 300,000 People and AI (2018)
Bloody AI Alchemist: The Origin of Happiness is fusion of Blood Type Personality & Artificial Intelligence (English Edition) Fred Wong and Eugenia Wan
Bloody AI Alchemist
- The Origin of Happiness is fusion of Blood Type
Personality  & Artificial Intelligence  (2017)
Koichiro Fujita
The Enigma of Blood type (2008)
Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's book
 (Japanese Edition, 2004)
von Jörg Eikmann
Was die Blutgruppe verrät (2002)
Léone Bourdel
Les Tempéraments Psychobiologiques (1961)

Fact 2:
Mr. Masahiko and Toshitaka NOMI write more than 65 books and more than 6 million copies are sold in Japan.  These books are translated into English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian and more.

Fact 3:
Mr. Masahiko NOMI's most important book: "Ketsueki-gata ningen-gaku" -- Blood type humanics.

Fact 4:
According to recent surveys, more than 70 percents of Japanese (and Koreans) think there are relation between blood type and personality.

Fact 5:
Four major Japanese private TV stations (out of five) in Tokyo broadcasted blood-type programs in 1997 and all five in 2004.  Also in Korea, the movie "My boyfriend is type-B" was released and gathered 1.7m audience in 2005 (Japanese film available).  Furthermore, a major Korean private TV station in Seoul (SBS) broadcasted a blood-type program "SBS Special" in 2006.

Fact 6:
Japanese pedagogy and psychology professor Takeji FURUKAWA studied the relationship between blood type and temperament in 1927.

Fact 7:
Not only Japanese but English and French psychologists studied the relationship between blood type and personality. Reymond B. Cattell in 1980 and Léone Bourdel in 1960.

Fact 8:
Series of books "[blood] type-X self manual" by Jamais Jamais (sorry, not a French but a Japanese born in Tokyo...) had sold over 6 million copies in Japan.

Fact 9:
200,000 people in 30 years are investigated by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research in 2011, that showed significant difference between personality and blood type.

Fact 10:
Wonderful brain-wave research in Japan and Korea. Also photo tomography by the joint research of  the Human Science ABO Center and Dr. Munetaka Haida (Tokai University, Japan). For further information, visit mobile site.

Mail10C.gif (4196 バイト) Feed Back Please! & E-mails of feed back (December 11, 2011)

The Personalities of Each Blood Types

Type O

  • Strongly purpose-oriented
  • Straight desire
  • Conscious of power relationship
  • Know how to take chances
  • Dislike to be subordinate
  • Expressive

Type A

  • Considerate about everything
  • Prefer peaceful human relations
  • Slow to trust people
  • Observe social rules and customs
  • Regard social order as important
  • Restrain action and expression

Type B

  • Dislike restrictions and goes one's own way
  • Non-stereotyped actions
  • Non-stereotyped thinking
  • Self-conscious and straight expressions
  • Less particular with things
  • Not conscious of circumstances
  • Don't care social rules and customs

Type AB

  • Rational thinking
  • Good critic and analyst
  • Participate and contribute to the society
  • Good at adjusting human relations
  • Hope to be in harmony with the society
  • Feels distant from the society


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Detective ABO FAN -- Solve the Mystery of Blood Type and Personality (March 1, 2015)

First season: As for relation between blood type and personality, results differs by questionnaires. Therefore, it continued to bother researchers. Now, I may have testified the consistent relation, if my reasoning is correct. But I'm not Holmes nor Poirot.
Please judge whether I am collect or not. Take it easy and enjoy my reasoning! It is you that is Sherlock Holmes!

Second season: In the second season, I try to solve the remaining mysteries: 1. Are detected personalities are real or imaginary? Why psychological personality test cannot detect the differences by blood type?  This time, you are Ellery Queen!

Appendix: Any scientific grounds?  Dr. T. Abo: polymorph and lymphocytes / Experiment of brain waves

Click Here!  also read Japanese Psychologists' Reactions (2009)

Hypothesis (March 25, 2007)

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Also Four Keys to Unravel the Mystery & HLA and Personality Traits

Chrolonigical Table

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The Origin -- Mr. Nomi's Principal Books

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Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo' s Book (March  18, 2007)

Fantastic!  Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo had published a really epoch-making book.  With this book, the blood-type-and-personality dispute have been almost settled…  Also type A behavior patterns of CHD.

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Data Library (August 10, 2014)

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Also Excerpts of Books (June 1, 2007)

Distribution Ratio of ABO blood type in the World

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Japanese Psychologists' Reactions (2009)  (August 10, 2014)

The psychology paper that definitely concludes that there are statistical differences. Click here!

Prof. Matsui's Papers

Finally I obtained the papers of Mr. Matsui (Prof. of Sacred Heart Women's University). They are really fantastic! The data showed consistent results "as expected". Wow!!
However, Mr. Matsui thinks there is no relaiontion between blood types and personality. Please enjoy reading!  Click Here!

Prof. Sakamoto's Papers

As far as I know, Prof. Sakamoto's papers analyized the largest number of samples: more than 30,000 people using the random sampling method. Of course, they showed the clear difference between blood types.  But Mr. Sakamoto said "blood-typical stereotypes" caused the difference, not blood types themselves. So he think there is no relaiontion between blood types and personality. However...  Click Here!

Ms. Watanabe's Papers (March 18, 2007)

Ms. Yoriko Watanabe's paper is very epoch-making.  In short, knowledge of blood type and personality ("blood type stereotypes") doesn't influence his/her answers of personality questionnaire.  So, the difference is "real" not "blood type stereotypes".
Also wonderful differences appear unless one does not use psychological personality tests.  Click Here!

Blood-type Scores

Reading Prof. Matsui's paper and Prof. Samamoto's paper, I think principal component analysis or discriminant function is suited for analyzing the data.  But I found no such papers -- even now.  Why?  So I'm going to try!  Click Here!

Prof. Saitou' Papers

There seems to be some interesting and new findings. Click Here!

Prof. Ohmura and Cloninger's Personality Dimensions  (March 18, 2007)

Professor Ohmura who is famous honorary professor of Nihon University, once said the he got consistent results using Cloninger's Personality Dimensions.  Though the results was televised twice in 2004, no articles shown -- till now.  Why?  Click Here!

Introduction to ABO diet -- Japanese Style

Here is an ABO diet by Toshitaka Nomi (Type A) and Shoko Hamada (Type B)

About "From U.S.A."

An e-mail from U. S. A. completely changed my home page. This is very exciting for me. Click here!

Raymond B. Cattell's Study

Famous psychologist, Raymond B. Cattell's study shows the clear relation of blood types to personality traits. Click here!

Results of The ABO System

Excerpts from "The relation of blood types to primary and secondary personality traits." The Mankind Quarterly, pp35-51, Vol. 21, 1980.


A sample of 323 Caucasian Australians was chracterized with respect to 17 genetic systems (7 blood groups, 5 crythrocyte enzymes and 5 plasma proteins) and 21 psychological variables (16 primary and 5 secondary personality factors). The mean age corrected psychological scores were determined for each phenotype and comparisons within systems yielded 13 significant differences a to .05 level and 11 at .01 level. The most conclusive finding occurred in the P system: the four primaries producing differences a to .01 level (C, H, Q3, and Q4) are those entering into the second order anxiety factor QII, which yielded the greatest difference observed in the study (p<.001).

Donald A. Swan's Study

Donald A. Swan's study shows the clear relation of blood types to personality. Click here!


Excerpts from The relationship between ABO blood type and factor of personality among south Mississippi 'Anglo-Saxon' school children" The Mankind Quarterly, pp.205-258, Vol. 20, 1980.

V. V. Jogawar's Study

V. V. Jogawar's study shows the clear relation of blood types to personality. Click here!


Excerpts from "Personality correlates of human blood groups." Personality and Individual Differences, pp. 215-216, Vol.4, No.2 ,1983.

Articles of Nature Magazine 1983-1984

Excerpts from the following two articles that caused great sensation in the world. They are taken up frequently by both denial debaters and affirmative ones. The first articles in 1983 and five objections to it in commentary in 1984 with the objection from Beardmore. Click here!

Study in Taiwan (March 18, 2007)

To my surprise, I find a blood type study in Taiwan!
Dr. Wu, the author, is a professor of medical college in Takao prefecture, Taiwan.
NEO - PI - R test itself cannot detect the differences of blood type -- maybe.
 Click here!

Information from  Korea (June 20, 2008)

 The latest study done by Young Woo Sohn, Yonsei University Professor (psychology), is really epoch making!
<Seoul, Yonhap News Agency> As a result of putting many blood-type personality studies together, type O is tend to be extravert, while type is A introvert.  In most studies, type A is logical and emotionally stable, but type B -- in comparison with other blood types -- is sensitive.  Click here!

Scientific American's guest blog on Feb. 15, 2011 (July 31, 2012)

This article concluded a negative result.  But, this is NOT correct -- at least statistically.
According to the writer "preexisting blood type belief" now penetrated into all around Taiwan and South Korea as well as Japan (Japanese found 75 percent believed in ketsueki-gata).
Therefore ALL studies in these three countries MUST show significant statistical relationships between personality and blood type, and they really do. Because these studies are based on "self-reported" personality.  Click here!

World Sites

The author of the book "Eat / Live Right for Your Type" which details the link between ABO blood type and individualized diets.  Home blood test kit available!

Bloody AI Alchemist (August 12, 2017)

Frederick Wong & Eugenia Wan, authors of the same name's book

Puget Sound Blood Center

More knowledge of blood is available here!

<Japanese Sites>

Human Science ABO Center -- English & Indonesian available (Update: August 12, 2017)

Late Mr. Nome established the non-profit organization to promote ABO human sciences by holding lectures, seminars etc.  Mailing list and BBS are available (in Japanese)


A friend of mine started his website.  Blood type lists of many people (including non-Japanese people) is available.

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