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Fuji Subaru Line Information

The 30km / 18mile Fuji Subaru Line was constructed in 30 months and opened to traffic April 1, 1964. Open all-year-round, but it may be closed or limited operation due to the road condition or bad weather. Up-to-date road and weather information for the Fuji Subaru Line is available by calling the numbers below:

Fuji Subaru Line toll gate : 0555-72-0572 (Japanese)
Fuji Visitor Center (tourist information center) : 0555-72-0259 (English).

Private Car Restriction

Every summer, all private cars except for 11+ seated mini bus are not allowed to pass the road. Period of time differs from each year. As of summer 2014, it will be the longest ever, from Jul.1oth to Aug.31st. During these terms, you should park your car in a parking lot ( Fuji-hokuroku parking lot xmk[ԏ 1,000JPN/car) and take a shuttle bus. The buses run between Fuji-san(former Fujiyoshida) bus/train station and the 5th station of Mt.Fuji, via Kawaguchiko bus/train station. Fare chart and timetable are here.

Operating Hours (effective Dec. 7, 2011)

NOTE : Ascending gate will close 1 hour before closing time.
Month/Day open close
January 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
March 1`15
16`31 6:00 PM
April 1`19
20`30 6:00 AM 7:00 PM
May 3:00 AM
June 9:00 PM
July 24hours
October 3:00 AM 7:00 PM
Nov. 1`15 4:30 AM 6:00 PM
16`30 9:00 AM
December 9:00 AM 5:00 PM

Toll-fare Chart

classregular car typessmall family /compact
`full-size car
round-trip (JPY)
the whole line or up to the 4th stn.up to the 1st stn. up to the 1st stn.  
regular small family /compact
`full-size car
2,060 620
medium mini bus
(11to 29 passengers /less than 8t)
3,400 720
large fixed route bus@
(30 passengers or more /8t or more),
bus (up to 29 passengers /8t or more but less than 9m long)
4,700 920
extra-large bus@
(30 passengers or more /8t or more)
7,900 1,540
small etc. small car ("Kei" in Japan = 660cc),
motorcycle (125.1cc or more)
1,640 420
light bicycle, motorcycle(125cc or less) 200 60

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