Please contact our inn here.

*The e-mail addresses are changed periodically to prevent spam.
The above e-mail address is for receiving only. The reply from our inn will be sent from e-mail of gmail.com.

Please use concise English sentences, as we have Japanese staff who are not familiar with English.
We appreciate your cooperation.

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For reservation inquiries:

About Reservations for the new winter season, click here.

We usually accept reservations by phone.
However, if you live outside of Japan, we accept contact by e-mail. (because we can not communicate smoothly in English conversation..)

Special notes:

  • We cannot accept reservations too early days. We usually start accepting reservations for the new winter season around October.
  • We will require you to send us a copy of guest's passport when you confirm the reservation. (We reserve the right to refuse a reservation to anyone whose identity is not clear.)
  • Finally, once your reservation is confirmed, we will send you e-mail of invitation. (Without the invitation, your booking is not confirmed.)

We would appreciate it if you could tell us with the following information to facilitate smooth communication.
Inquirer Name:
Your e-mail (where we can contact you until guests arrive):
(1) Guest Name:
(2) Home address:
(3) e-mail:
(4) Check-in date:
(5) Check-out date:
(6) Number of nights stay:
(7) Number of persons(Adults, Children*):
(8) Number of rooms:
(9) Meal include(dinner, breakfast):
(10) Number of cars:
(11) Estimated time of arrival:
(12) Special notes:
*Adult (age 12+), Child (age 7-11), Toddler (age -6)