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It introduces an English specification from the climate of Japan. Japan is a long island nation in the south north. The four seasons appears plainly. The season when air dries is spring. And, it is very sultry in summer. The lowest temperature of summer is higher than that of 25Ž in the south. Therefore, the cactus during summer is dormant .. A high mountain system plant (cactus and ped&scl, etc. that dislike high temperature and humidity) suffers. The north falls up to the lowest temperature -18Ž of winter. A weak cactus to the cold can walk into a house. The greenhouse is heated. It waits until spring. Total rainfalls are a lot of one even if it sees worldwide during the year of Japan. It is 1500mm a year. Typhoons are two or more Ki. It snows to the north. It accumulates about 4m.

I want to describe my feeling in a short experience in my own way though it is not a position because it started the cactus cultivation in April, 2004 that can talk about the technology. The first depository was put on the indoor window side. Most is changeless. The cactus is quiet.

Next, the frame was made in the summer of 2004. The area is 90cm, and 180cm. The roof rises. This structure was having thought ineffectual though ventilation seemed to be good. The wind only flowed in the upper side from roof to roof. Only the wind slightly reached an inside cactus, and the temperature management in summer had the very difficult one. It painted blacking it. Rising more than air by 30 degrees or more was frequent at fine weather.It has sunburnt according to the kind though shade is given. If it doesn't know anything, a rash thing is unabashedly done. At this time, it is 50 percent that the cactus to be able to do the floral bud flowered. The following 50 percent has dried up even if the floral bud can be done.Naturally, because the environment is not satisfactory, I think that there was a cactus that was not able to grow even the floral bud, too. When the frame is made, does it become a good environment if it paints white, and there is a vent hole in the wall if possible? I think.

And, the greenhouse of the wish was built in April, 2006. It equipped with the doorway back and forth in the green house because it had had a hard time in the ventilation of the frame. The summer time rises at about 45Ž though the wind passes and comes off. Therefore, the circulator was used. The effect of the green house had something to be amazed. There are papyracantha and glanduli uncinatus without changes from the bud for one week or more in the intraframe. It is own root. It moves from the frame to the green house in the morning . It became full-bloomed three hours later. Afterwards, papyracantha swelled up to about three times in several days. Minima etc. are ..flower during half a year from the latter half of April.. ..bloom... The floral bud is grown one after another. Sclero parviflorus had become silent for two years. At last, it awoke in the green house. By the way, the potting compost has not changed it since the frame age.

A left image is Pachira glabra that scatters the seed in October, 2006, and has already grown up up to 25‡p. It grew up rapidly in only one month. It is easy to raise the foliage plant far in Japan compared with the cactus. There are a lot of foliage plants in a favorite home of the foliage plant. Pachira glabra doesn't germinate when the environment is undesirable though it is natural either. I think that it can say this also to the cactus. Because experts have already been clarified about the potting compost on the homepage etc. , I think it is good when arranging it like me referring to that. However, I think that it is difficult to put up the flower if the cactus environment doesn't change to the setting at which they smile.

Finally, when interested people can refer even if it is a little, it is glad.