The cactus site in November, 2006 is established.

There was a chance that the parterre maintains it in the company four years ago. After that, I came to be interested in the plant. The seed of Pachira glabra of the foliage plant was gotten from the friend one day. The seed was scattered on the pot. When it was witnessed that the bud had come out, I was impressed. Afterwards, a small cactus was bought . It was interested in other plants and quite different physiology. Therefore, the seedling is loved.

Name of my Web site sileri
Age 4?years old
Residence ground Morioka City Iwate Prefecture Japan. 丂Region where temperature change is the intensest in the seat of Prefectural government in the Mainland . The lowest temperature -15亷 of the highest temperature 35亷 winter of summer. 丂
Cactus cultivation Two years (It is difficult to take the mood).
Especially, interesting cactus Ancistro.Austro.Ped&Scl. It challenges the cultivation difficulty kind because of the climate of Japan.
Character If the liked hobby is found, it is single-minded.