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Austrocactus patagonicus KF461 Austrocactus gracilis KFF1104 Austrocactus coxii DJF351 Austrocactus sp
Taking a picture on December 10, 2011

The image is Austrocactus that germinated in June, 2011.
I am interested in Austrocactus. However, it is difficult to raise it well. The seed of Austrocactus was sown even in 2011. The annual planting substitution had been done up to now. The potting compost also changed. Two years of the future will be looked at the appearance and depend without the planting substitution.
Ancistrocactus uncinatus HO893 cristate form 2005 seedling.

It has grown up sideways while becoming an appearance that it after it germinates seem. Cristate form is not done during growth. The seed thinks cristate form to being able the fate because of the beginning. Uncinatus that grew up in a normal appearance withered. Only cristate form : the remainder. However, it is strong why. Unusual uncinatus. There is not having seen the cactus that blooms the flower in cristate form. I want to expect it.
It takes a picture on March 16, 2008.
It took a picture for the planting substitution when pulling it out from the pot. Roots are firmer than the imaginations.
austrocactus bertinii austrocactus coxii austrocactus dusenii austrocactus gracilis austrocactus patagonicus
It took a picture of austrocactus on May 19, 2007.
Seedling in 2006. It is easy to raise it compared with ped&scl. The germination rate is 0-20% notorious and bad. It awakes from dormancy when the lowest temperature becomes thin ice. Potting compost's vicinity of the neutral seems to be good.
pediocactus sileri SB1872@@It took a picture on January 28, 2007.
The weather like spring continued and pedio&suclero began to move. It is early planting substitution for one month or more from last year. I thought that the planting substitution time was too early. Do the suffer with of the root when it is reversely too slow and the suffer with of the spoiled. Water was given once in autumn.The point of the root has reddened though it is it ( ^.^) ( -.-) ( __). The cultivation of this seed is the most difficult. It only believes now by continue the state that the temperature doesn't fall by the long range forecast.

sclerocactus polyancistrus SB1967@ It took a picture on January 28, 2007.
It is a seedling with the best vigour while I am growing it. Because roots were steady more than it thought, it was relieved. Though the planting substitution is thought that time is early.It is a potting compost that added the improvement. The result will come out before the rainy season.

It took a picture on the simpsonii V minor SB196 .2007 January 21, year. From the lowest temperature -6 degrees to the highest temperature 18 degrees temperature in greenhouse of today.It is the coldest in this year today though it was about -3 degrees yesterday. Still, the average year is time cold up to -15 degrees. The management of the cactus is also easy because of a worldwide mild winter this year. Ped&scl was invited warmly and it began to move. When having pulled it out, the root reached the grounder stone (deep bowl) very much because simpsonii had thought that movement was bad a little. The outside of the desire had not expanded as for the root before because it did not have the cultivation technique in ped though cultivation would be easy either. It expanded in this manner. I think that vague management was dangerous ? of this belonging.

Tephrocactus aoracanthus VS281 2005 seedling@Taking a picture on December 30, 2006
When the potting compost was inclined to alkalinity, growth was not satisfactory. And, it planted in an acid potting compost and it substituted it. The root is not complete abnormal having.The root of the South America cactus is strong. The North America cactus is weaker than it. Especially, it is assumed that it experimented to ped&scl like this. The root will redden the next day and it rots at once. The frame cultivation might be suitable for this belonging besides the potting compost. It is because of germinating from other cactuses in when it is high. Germination was April. The temperature in Freem is the highest temperature 40 degrees (It is not certain) from the lowest temperature two degrees.Is when the difference between the lowest temperature and the highest temperature is intense, it feelings good?
Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele V Krainzianus. Taking a picture on December 24, 2006
The baby cactus that seemed to separate to two was discovered. Because it is the first event, it publishes in this place in me. I think that conditions are better than midsummers though every day is a trial and error. Pleasant surroundings are comfortable also in the cactus in people. It came to think so recently. Because it rains much, the roof is always necessary for Japan. Rain is avoided, and a high temperature is not hoped. It is reproduced in the greenhouse. It has impossibility very much.

Austrocactus Gracilis
‚`‚•‚“‚”‚’‚‚ƒ‚‚ƒ‚”‚•‚“@‚f‚’‚‚ƒ‚‰‚Œ‚‰‚“.The left@Coxii.The right Taking a picture on December 24, 2006
I think that it is an unusual cactus even if it sees worldwide.The seed trader who has the seed of Austrocactus is also very little. Even if it is retrieved with the personal computer, Austrocactus is a little. It is few in pediocactus sclerocactus or more. It is very difficult to raise it because of the climate of Japan. The germination rate is very bad and notorious, too. Because shadeAustrocactu Ccoxii was not made, it has sunburnt. It expanded like the spring onion though the seedling in 2005 was put on shade and was made, and it withered and it died. The Austrocactus belonging expands up like the spring onion when water is given, is made, and it dies. The image expands like the spring onion even if shade is not made. Japan's humidity is high. Though it is thought that humidity is related, too. In the puzzler whole, it is not good at high temperature and humidity of Japan. Austrocactus began to move when having begun to become the lowest temperature 10Ž or less. About 20Ž in room temperature in daytime is active because of fine weather. The climate of the natural growth ground is imaginable.It worries because in my region, there is a day when it falls up to -15Ž though it seems to resist the lowest temperature up to -15Ž. It is expected that the feature of the Austrocactus belonging will come out if alive until next year.
  pediocactus paradinei SB502
It takes a picture of the image on August 6, 2006. It seem to be in dormancy now. The potting compost was changed for the purpose was to make a better environment. It failed as a result.The potting compost will be returned to the state before next year. It became irritating like - the title of my website. It understood though the cultivation method of pediocactus sclerocactus was a little.

It likes to imagine the climate of seedling . and the natural growth ground and to imagine various belonging. Seedlings are all Japanese spindle-trees (real root) because of it.The method of the grafting doesn't know. Though there is a grafting seedling of purchase from the trader.It is happy that germination thinks whether they smile when managing very now. It is happy when growing up in the desire reason. Becoming unhappy when not growing up in the desire reason and thinking about the following strategy are happy.The appearance of the cactus is postponed. The appearance of the cactus on the natural growth ground that can be confirmed with website is ? . Naturally, it is wild. Three cactus cc (^_^) Fmufm.
It is a strange plant with which the charm overflows indescribably.