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8/23 2003

iso's contents (it increases little by little) (^_^;)

The Bisei Bluegrass festivals this year are May 28 and 29 days!
2005 band schedule new.gif (973 バイト)

Bisei Bluegrass Meeting new.gif (973 バイト) Okayama bluegrass Jam meeting (coming soon) Okayama bluegrass Magazine (sorry,japanese only) The page of banjo (sorry,japanese only)
Song List new.gif (973 バイト) The U.S. festival account of the trip of Mr.Hunayan(sorry,japanese only) link (sorry,japanese only)

The information & mailing list of bluegrass

A periodical event

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sorry,japanese only

Ehime Asakura-mura Bluegrass guitar classroom (500 yen/(month))
Every week Wednesday 20:00 - 22:00
Okayama Bluegrass Jam meeting Yoshida public hall (500 yen)
4/24   5/22  6/19  7/24   8/21
 10/23  11/27   12/18
10:00 -16:30
iBlugrass HP  Cyuugoku & Shikoku prefer on iso
Linda Lou Okayama

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Wild Rose Okayama

sorry,japanese only

Nekojijii Okayama sorry,japanese only
Hirosima BG navi Hiroshima

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the maedolin section Hiroshima sorry,japanese only
Bluegrass Tea Time Yamaguchi sorry,japanese only
Lonesome Dobro Yamaguchi sorry,japanese only
Bluegrass in Ehime Ehime sorry,japanese only
BG-Dr.ODAnew.gif (973 バイト) Kochi Bluegrass Band
Yamaguchi common river public hall Bluegrass guitar classroom
Every week Tuesday

The periodical live

It is on the 4th Saturday every month. It is Clementine of Hiroshima and is bluegrass. night

Bluegrass Festival

April / Ehime Asakura dam festival festival
June / Okayama Bisei bluegrass meeting
November / Ehime Asakura bluegrass festival

Since a schedule may change about the above-mentioned event, please confirm by all means in the case of coming.

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