Press Release : shiseido art egg 1 2007

Kaoru Hirano
January 12th (Fri) - February 4th (Sun), 2007

Kaoru Hirano is known for creating installation pieces by unraveling the individual threads of used fabrics such as old clothing and umbrellas and reconnecting, reweaving, and restructuring these to create new forms and spaces. For this exhibition she continues exploring this technique in a new installation created from the fibers of a woman's one-piece dress, painstakingly deconstructed by hand into individual threads and reassembled into a completely new form within the Shiseido Gallery space. In a new twist, this time Hirano has fashioned her threaded spaces in ways that allow the viewer to enter within them, compressing the separation between viewer and artistic work in an attempt to convey qualities such as "object memory" and "sense of time" inherent in the original garment.
Hirano will continue to build and change her installation throughout the exhibition period, unveiling new additions each Saturday, thus affording visitors opportunities to enjoy a continually evolving aesthetic space.

Public unveilings from 11:00AM to 7:00PM each Saturday during the exhibition period (January 13th, 20th, and 27th and February 3rd)

2007年1月12日(金) 〜 2月4日(日


公開制作日程: 1月13日、20日、27日、2月3日 いずれも土曜、11:00〜19:00