tagboat 09 2012 VOL 53 P-40

Feeling the Presence of Brides

Hirano is an artist who shreds clothing into pieces, and spins threads from them to weave them into a story never told. In the exhibition, she presented the installations made from rental wedding dresses. The pure white dresses permeated with happy memories of many dreamy brides were shredded into pieces and threads, which took two and half months, and reproduced into totally different objects. "Symbol of happiness" rising from them appears like a flickering illusion or fantasy. If you look at them closely, they have a cob-web structure and may look like a trap to capture an image of facile happiness instilled in our mind. Her creation process –taking in materials to weave stories–resembles how spiders make cobwebs, she says. "I want to reproduce the memory, atmosphere and traces of the owners through my creation." The atmosphere and traces are enlarged when the viewers project their imagination onto her works. In the exhibition, another series of threads balls made from T-shirts, pants and socks was presented. A touch of curly threads and the colors slightly evoke images of their original appearance. Though they don't maintain the original shape, they still, curiously, seem to reflect the distinctive personality of the past owners we've never met.



© Kaoru HIRANO