BIJUTSU TECHO September 2012 P-209

The essence of dress, the essence of existence
by Yayoi Kojima

A deconstructed and reconstructed wedding dress occupies the space. As a rented costume, several brides' memories are stored in the dress, hung high up, floating like a robe of feathers and a spirit. Wrapped by light, it is beautiful, even ethereal. The interior white mass could be part of panniers, not deconstructed and remaining as it was, emphasising the trace of a body that was there, the absence of existence. A wedding ceremony is a woman's turning point in life, a contract with society and a ritual where various people's lives intersect. A symbol of radiant happiness, yet containing restriction, future separation and sorrow — Hirano reveals the essence of the wedding dress.
A shirt, jacket, scarf, etc., are unravelled thread by thread into one thread, making a spider web-like form called “web” which is installed in the ceiling's corner, etc., like a real spider's web. While humorous, the work suggests sorrow as well as fear being entwined in a network.
A new experiment is deconstructing basic clothes like underwear and socks, etc., which men and women wear and reverting each item into one thread, forming balls titled ''sphere''. Placed on the floor are white, navy, pink, beige and black balls of thread. The original items’ volumes were as such, their unexpected smallness a surprise.
Clothes that someone had worn is reverted into one thread and tied into a form where only a presence floats up. Hirano's work is breathtakingly delicate and violent, an entire practice to encounter the essence of existence.

Translated by Ryotaro Hoshino and Magdalen Chua