F.H.C.                                                TRIANGULATE                                                                                        VITAL


These guys made such an impression on me with their last album eOne Locus Which Consists Of Three Fragmentsf which I reviewed back in #73, that as soon as I saw this I groaned. I really didnft like that album at all, and guess what; Ifm not a fan of this one either. F.H.C. are a trio playing instrumental music on a Chapman stick, contrabass and keyboards. There are 21 numbers on this album, which all seem to have been improvised, and like the last one I heard the production again is not what it could be. That they can play their instruments is never in doubt, it is just that to my Western ears they are not making any musical sense whatsoever. Maybe you have to be Japanese to fully enjoy this, but like the last album of theirs that I heard this is not one to which I will voluntarily be readily returning.  http://www.mb.megafit.net/~foxhole/